Travel Hacks

Top 10 Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

As Australians, we understand that sometimes our slang is a little difficult to understand. There are, however, a couple of phrases that are near and dear to our hearts. “Oi, let’s do a Maccas run”, “Chuck a u-ey, back to the bottle-o!” and “Man, that flight was looonng!”

With an average flight time of 23+ hours just to make it to London, we totally understand the perils and reluctance towards long haul flights. Yet, with much practise we’ve gone from haul to haul-lelujah… and trust us, our tips are much better than that joke! Click to read more…      


Travel 101 – Choosing your Hostel

Hostels: they’re dirty, crowded and full of bed bugs, right? WRONG! As a hostel newbie these misconceptions can cause budget travel to look totally unappealing, what’s a holiday without a rooftop bar, am I right?! These days, however, hostels are the places with the rooftop views, and the pool, the sauna, free activities… I could go on forever. We love staying at hostels, with their authenticity, affordability and atmosphere, we couldn’t ask for anything more! Click to read more…