About Us

Two sisters stuck in conflicting time zones, Birkenstock opinions and pizza-toppings. United through a faith in free food, highlighter and travel.

No longer withholding their over-sharing tendencies for just each other.


Who are the ‘Polar Pair’?


After finishing my business degree and starting the daily grind of coffee, work, wine, repeat something always felt like it was missing. That something was travel. So, I packed up my degree and moved to London. A 20-something Australian moving to the UK – groundbreaking, right!?  Now living the whirlwind European dream, my time has just begun.

Favourite Places: Barcelona, Cape Town,  London, and Cinque Terra
Wish List: Portugal, Cuba, Iceland, Japan and Peru


Fresh out of high school and rearing to go, I left on my first solo travel adventure in January 2016. The time I spent living and wandering around Europe completely reaffirmed my path in life – to travel endlessly. Twelve months later and finally returning back to my native Australia, I decided to join forces with my sister to continue on our journeys around the globe.
Favourite Places: San Francisco, Munich, Hoi An and Madrid
Wish List: Chile, Peru, Philippines, Ireland and Japan

If you’re interested in working with us – contact us at thepolarpair@gmail.com!


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