Top 10 Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

As Australians, we understand that sometimes our slang is a little difficult to understand. There are, however, a couple of phrases that are near and dear to our hearts. “Oi, let’s do a Maccas run”, “Chuck a u-ey, back to the bottle-o!” and “Man, that flight was looonng!”

With an average flight time of 23+ hours just to make it to London, we totally understand the perils and reluctance towards long haul flights. Yet, with much practise we’ve gone from haul to haul-lelujah… and trust us, our tips are much better than that joke!


Survival 101: Long-Haul Flights

1. Catching flights and catching z’s. 

There isn’t anything better in life than closing your eyes in one city, and waking up in an entirely different one. While the world is still short of teleporters (c’mon science!), sleeping the time away is the next best thing! The best way to manage your shut eye, is to follow your destinations time zone. Even if it’s the middle of the day in the country you depart from, if it is night time at your destination, get your nap on! This will help reduce any jet-lag tenfold! An eye mask is heavenly for blocking out lights, and can be used later in your hostel! While neck pillows help prevent achy necks and accidental drooling on your neighbour’s shoulder.

2. Quench that thirst.

Bring an empty water bottle that you can refill prior to takeoff, so as to not have it confiscated in security. That is unless you want to:

a.) wake everyone up after calling the flight attending over for the 100th time, or

b.) die from dehydration (not literally, pls).

3. Bring the drama.

Cure your boredom by bringing your own music, movies, books, and games. Most long haul flights provide inflight entertainment, either in the headrests or above the seats at the very least. Yet, the chances are that you will have already seen most of the movies or tv shows, or are not interested in the selection.

4. Get physical.

No, not in any “secret club” way. Rather, treat the aisle as your runway and strut your stuff for RuPaul! You can avoid DVT, stiff joints and having to ‘lip sync for your life’ in one go!

5. Eat your heart out.

It’s not a roadtrip (and that’s what long haul flights are, really!) without snacks. Plus airplane meals can sometimes be unappealing, so at the very least you’ll have some of your fave foods (in our case chocolate) to keep you motivated!

6.  Comfort Queen

Bring out the trakky daks (sweatpants) and fluffy hoodies! While looking great on flights isn’t just restricted to celebrities and fashion bloggers, the reality of such clothes can be quite different. Avoid anything tight and fidgety, and bring warm clothes and lots of layers!

7. Flying fresh and refreshed 

With continuous dry cold air and tight quarters, a bit of beauty and hygiene goes a long way! A moisturiser (make sure it’s under 100ml) will keep your skin hydrated and help avoid breakouts. While lip balms, tooth brushes, and hand towelettes speak for themselves.

8.  Power (chargers) are go!

Remember to bring your electronic cables or a portable charger. Airlines increasingly have USB ports to recharge your device. Which is especially helpful when you need that iPhone of yours to last!

9. Work that seating system!

First up, it’s best to know where you’d like to sit! Some prefer the aisle, so as to grab a sneaky extra bit of stretch room, whereas other people run the window seat. If you’re able to choose your own seat, check in early to make sure you get your pick! Otherwise, have a chat to the staff at the check-in desk. In our experience, politeness and respect goes a long way in having your seat changed!

10.  Build your network.  

Long haul flights are disliked for many reasons, but none more so than the ‘toilet conundrum’. Let us explain: it’s dark in the cabin and your entire row is asleep. Except for you and your bladder. Instead of an easy trip to the bathroom, you’re pinned into your WINDOW seat! Fortunately, this scene from a horror movie has an easy solution. Before the flight takes off, have a friendly convo with your neighbour… nothing too drastic, just polite small chat! That way, if you have to wake them up for any reason, they’ll be more understanding.

Finally, the majority of these tips are for economy flights.. If you’re lucky enough to be flying first or business class, stretch your legs and have a champers on us!

If you have any more tips on how to survive the long-haul flight, leave us a comment below, or on our Instagram @thepolarpair

Much love,

E & A xx



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