Aloha, Maui

Gazing outside the bus window, the lush rainforests and rugged mountains that adorn the ocean horizon flashed past. Soaring through the waves, dancing whales greeted us to our next destination –  welcome to Maui!


First stop: Lahaina. A quaint small town filled with shops, restaurants and bars. The mall at Whalers Village filled with designer brands was just the small cherry on top of Kaanapali Beach. The real reason to head to Whalers. We watched the waves crash onto the sand and the sky transform through the shades to pink – a true bucket list, pinch yourself moment!

A short bus ride and a spontaneous 5km hike (who doesn’t love getting off at the wrong stop!) we arrived at Napili Bay. Submerged in those waters, not even gloomy weather could destroy the magic of it. Napili also boasts ‘Maui’s Best Breakfast’ hotspot, ‘The Gazebo’. If greasy American food isn’t your thing – first of all who ARE you  – secondly, you may want to sit this one out. The short walk down from the restaurant, however rewards you with the most beautiful bay, in which to snorkel and swim!

Overall, our best advice to winning Maui is to skip the bus. Whilst we survived, one couldn’t help but want a private jet  car. The limited public transport on the island essentially forces your reliance onto infrequent buses and restricted routes. So, hire a care if  you have any desire to explore Maui in greater depth. Don’t get caught out like us!

Next time we’ll be like the American Boy Scouts – albeit Australian, female and adults… Well, the point still remains – we will be prepared. This way we can visit the waterfalls along the Road to Hana, climb up Haleakala Crater at sunrise, eat brekkie in Paia, see the sea turtles at Ho’okipai Beach and swim with the colourful fish at Molokini Crater. Just a *few* extra reasons to go back – as if we needed any more!



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