Top 10 Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

As Australians, we understand that sometimes our slang is a little difficult to understand. There are, however, a couple of phrases that are near and dear to our hearts. “Oi, let’s do a Maccas run”, “Chuck a u-ey, back to the bottle-o!” and “Man, that flight was looonng!”

With an average flight time of 23+ hours just to make it to London, we totally understand the perils and reluctance towards long haul flights. Yet, with much practise we’ve gone from haul to haul-lelujah… and trust us, our tips are much better than that joke! Click to read more…      


The Best of Barcelona

“So, where was your favourite city?” 

It’s the dreaded question, that plagues the existence of every traveller. How, in the multitude of wondrous and exhilarating places can just one be the best?! After much soul searching and asking the tough questions, we at The Polar Pair, have *finally found an answer. That’s right, it’s Barcelona! Click to read more…


Travel 101 – Choosing your Hostel

Hostels: they’re dirty, crowded and full of bed bugs, right? WRONG! As a hostel newbie these misconceptions can cause budget travel to look totally unappealing, what’s a holiday without a rooftop bar, am I right?! These days, however, hostels are the places with the rooftop views, and the pool, the sauna, free activities… I could go on forever. We love staying at hostels, with their authenticity, affordability and atmosphere, we couldn’t ask for anything more! Click to read more…


A Weekend in Mooloolaba

Whilst Easter summons spring up in the Northern Hemisphere, here in Australia it devastatingly marks the end of summer. As everyone knows, the best way to go out is with a bang, thus off we went to Mooloolaba! A breezy 75mins from Brisbane, and tucked nicely along the Sunshine Coast,  it makes for the perfect long weekend hideaway!   Click to read more…



On seeing the turnoff for Bondi, our excitement began to bubble. Be it the iconic Icebergs pool, the dazzling beach shore or the hunky lifeguards, this charming Sydney suburb has something for everyone. Where sleepy beach town meets the buzzing city, Bondi is all about the best of both worlds (cue Hannah Montana). Click to read more…



“De Madrid al cielo!”

The Spanish capital, whilst it is often overshadowed by its cousin Barcelona, is not a place you should miss. An energetic city with something for everyone – rooftop bars, exquisite monuments, ornate architecture and yummy tapas! As the saying goes – from Madrid to heaven – there is nowhere quite like Madrid! Click to read more…



Cheap flights, best friends, endless horizons and 100 tubes of sunscreen (slip, slop, slap, yo) sums up our trip to Waikiki and, boy, was it amazing! Taking that first step off the plane felt unreal – Waikiki is the REAL DEAL of tropical paradises – mountains, rainforest, palm trees, sunshine, ocean and all. It’s definitely one of those *pinch me* moments. Click to read more… IMG_2190


Gazing outside the bus window, the lush rainforests and rugged mountains that adorn the ocean horizon flashed past. Soaring through the waves, dancing whales greeted us to our next destination –  welcome to MauiClick to read more…img_1844


Have you ever been to one of those places where you have to pinch yourself? Where you are completely unable to tell if you’re dreaming or physically there?

Well, Cinque Terre is one of those places!

If you manage to disembark your train at Riomaggiore despite the onslaught of tourists packing you back inside, and weave your way down a lengthy tunnel to traverse a bazillion stairs, you’ll be rewarded with the most breathtaking – and not just because of the steps – view of vibrant towns, sea and mountainous vineyards all cumulating in the most amazing horizon. Click to read more…